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GRAB. Movies. Lazada. And more.
Get rewarded for using Bossjob.

What are BossPoints?

BossPoints are points you earn as you use Bossjob to look for jobs or hire talents.
Your points can be redeemed for incredible rewards!
Bossjob is the only job search platform that indulges you as you look for jobs.

What can I redeem?

From GRAB and Lazada vouchers, to free movie tickets and plenty more,
you can enjoy attractive offers from top companies in no time.

How to earn points


Get 200 points upon sign-up to Bossjob. Ta-da! In just 3 seconds you're on your way to amazing rewards.


Check back every day for bonus tasks where you can earn at least 2X points and other surprises.


Daily login, apply for jobs, post jobs, hiring candidates and more. Simple daily tasks for you to rack up your BossPoints.

How do I redeem
my BossPoints?

Log in to Bossjob and check your BossPoints in your dashboard
Select a reward and use your BossPoints to redeem instantly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check how many Bosspoints I have?

Go to the Bosspoint's tab for complete information about your accumulated Bosspoints and your rewards available for redemption.

Do my BossPoints expire?

Yes, your Bosspoints have an expiry, so don't hold on to them for too long!

Here's when your points expire:

Is there a maximum number of BossPoints I can have?

There is no maximum limit to the number of BossPoints you can earn.

The sky's the limit! So keep earning each day to reward yourself with more treats.